"Education is not The Filling of a Pail, but The Lighting of a Fire!" So wrote the Irish poet, William Butler Yeats; and a clearer mapping of a crucial fork in the road for educators and learners has never been expressed.  As the Education Establishment steers our schools further and further down the exit ramp to The Filling of a Pail, let’s take a stand to advocate and celebrate education that inspires! If you, too, feel that Learning should be joyful, life-affirming, and fun – if you’re interested in Ideas, activities, and resources that make it so…then, let’s travel together to the other end of the highway, where they’re lighting a fire!

Lighting a Fire podcast is intended to inform and inspire educators and all individuals concerned with improving the state of Learning by restoring it to it's natural state of high interest, satisfying personal growth.  

Lighting a Fire ©copyright 2012 is written and produced by Mark Gura.