Episode #2 - Making the Student the Teacher: Flipping Educational Roles in the Age of Technology: Featuring an In-depth Interview with Professor, Dan Stein

Part I)
Making the Student the Teacher: A discussion of 21st Century Teaching and Learning and related resources, practices, and articles

1)   Solve for Tomorrow Contest:
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Example of submission to Solve for Tomorrow:

1a) Olive, the First Feature Film Shot on a CELL Phone


- A social Learning Network where students develop digital literacies, STEM and Computing knowledge, and Global Citizenship through Game Design 

Example of student created game: Are You Making the Right Decision…  “Teen Pregnancy and is an educational and fun game about making responsible choices as a teenager… This game covers issues such as: contraception, learning about your options and understanding the responsibilities of being a teenage parent. I would like people to learn about the effects of teen pregnancy and how to prevent it.

Part II) An In-depth Interview with Professor, Dan Stein
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Check back soon for more episodes of Lighting a Fire! Up next, my interview with author and speaker, Bernard Percy. Bernard and his Brooklyn elementary school students wrote How to Grow a Child, a popular book that was published and distributed nationally.